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DBX - 4 Layer SALE - Was £189 now £169

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DBX 4 layer Flying Suit.

The BlueSkyBlue DBX 4 layer flying suit is the original FOUR LAYER CORDURA® flying suit. It is available with or without plastic thigh map pockets (select through Leg Length).

This garment is designed for use in cold weather:

1) Drawstring on collar for snugness
2) High quality YKK zips used throughout with storm flaps.
3) Pocket YKK zips also covered with outer flaps for style and protection.
4) Inner flaps on the three main zips
5) Available with or without - Large Clear Plastic pockets on the thigh with Velcro fastening for maps, radio frequencies, etc.
6) Adjustable and elasticated cuffs
7) Two way YKK zips on legs mean you can access your trouser pockets.
8) Central YKK zip also two-way, allowing male flyers to have a convenience break without removing the suit.
9) Generous breast pocket for radio, camera, mobile phone or pda.
10) Reflective piping means higher visibility.


It is manufactured with 200gsm of insulation as follows:

1. The outer CORDURA ® fabric which is windproof and has a great tough feel for durability.

2. The inner middle layer is 100gsm THINSULATE (TM) made by 3M. The unique microfibres of ThinsulateTM Insulation are about ten times smaller than the fibres of most other synthetic insulations, which means they’re much more efficient at trapping air, and more effective at keeping you warm. It also means more fibres can be packed into the same space, where they can reflect back more of the body’s radiant heat without being bulky.

3. The middle layer is 100gsm POLYFILL QUILTING. This is a superior insulating material which is designed to retain body heat as much as possible.

4. The suit lining is black POLYESTER, which is dyed using only azo free materials in the production process.

Typically, this suit is perfect for use in open cockpit microlights at altitudes of up to 10000 feet. Many high altitude paraglider pilots and other leisure aviation pilots also find this top of the range suit to be ideal. It has the following four layers:

Here is the official Cordura information taken from their own website:

Use the Tough Stuff for More Stuff
For gear, performance apparel and work wear, CORDURA® is the “Tough Stuff”. And now that CORDURA® can be used in a wider range of products from heavy duty performance gear and apparel to everyday wear CORDURA® is even tougher to beat.

From luggage and backpacks to boots and performance apparel, it’s easier than ever to choose the look, texture and weight you need for all kinds of styles.

How CORDURA® Measures Up
When put to the test, CORDURA® resists tears and abrasions like no other fabric of its kind.

Ounce for ounce, CORDURA® is more durable than other fabrics.

10x more durable than cotton duck
3x more durable than standard polyester
2x more durable than standard nylon

It's resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs - all the qualities you expect from a high performance fabric. So regardless of your activities, you'll benefit from the toughness of CORDURA®.

The DBX style is available in 3 color designs and 5 sizes.

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