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Gauntlet Gloves - 14.99

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Excellent thermal properties with Thinsulate lining make these Taslon Gauntlet Gloves are ideal for microlight, ultralight and glider use.
The gauntlet style of these gloves covers the cuff of your flying suit keeping the weather out.
Made from tough hard wearing Taslon material and featuring a non slip palm area.
Double adjustable! The nylon strap adjusts the fit at the wrist through a quick-release buckle, and a separate adjustment (which can be done single handed) ensures a snug fit at the gauntlet end over your cuff area.
A guarantee of durability + warmth for less than 15.
As with all BSB products, there is a 100% no quibble guarantee, so if you are not pleased with the size we will always exchange them.

Available only in Blue/Black (pictured).

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