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World’s first & only 5 layer flying suit - “Atmos”

World’s first & only 5 layer flying suit - “Atmos”

24 November 2014

Product Update....
BlueSkyBlue launched the World’s first 5 layer flying suit - Atmosphere (Atmos) in Birmingham on the 26th November 2011. In 2014 the Atmos remains the only 5 layer flying suit made anywhere in the World and still the warmest.

Dozens of people did the "2 min test" by wearing and directly comparing the thermal properties of the BlueSkyBlue Atmos and other manufacturers suits at the recent "The Flying Show" in Telford, UK, November 2014. (

Why only a 2 mins test?

Because that was long enough for them to confirm the superior thermal properties of the Atmos flying suit!!!

No prizes therefore for guessing which suit came out tops for warmth, quality, comfort and flyer rich features!

The Atmos has 5 layers and 260gsm of insulation as follows:
1. The outer CORDURA ® fabric which is windproof and has a great tough feel for durability.
2. The inner middle layer is 80gsm THINSULATE (TM) made by 3M. The unique microfibres of ThinsulateTM Insulation are about ten times smaller than the fibres of most other synthetic insulation, which means they’re much more efficient at trapping air, and more effective at keeping you warm. It also means more fibres can be packed into the same space, where they can reflect back more of the body’s radiant heat without being bulky.
3. The middle layer is 100gsm POLYFILL QUILTING. This is a superior insulating material which is designed to retain body heat as much as possible.
4. The outer middle layer is a further layer of 80gsm THINSULATE (TM) made by 3M.
5. The suit lining is black BOSKY, this is a new material in our suit range which is dyed using only azo free materials in the production process and has improved wear properties.

In addition, the new Atmos 5 layer suit has been manufactured with 5 more pilot friendly features and available in 5 sizes (S,M,L,XL & XXL) and the following colors: All Black, Black/Red and Black/Mid Blue. The Large and XL are available in two inside leg sizes: Regular and Long.

After the show, stock is unfortunately limited but the Atmos can be ordered via our webstore at £189.00.

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